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Recursive Function to find the Control in the Parent Controls

Some times we need to find the child control in the parent control's using the loop structure.I have faced this issue many times and got a unique solution to find the child control in the Parent Controls.Recursive Function to find the Controls

Cascading Dropdown in Asp.Net using jQuery

Cascading dropdown is the most common requirement we use to get in the real time world. So mainly beginners feel difficulty in doing this task. I have seen many of my friends and colleagues face this problem. Hope this could help those folks.

Normally some folks posting the Question "How to get the Second Dropdown fill based on the first dropdown selection?” The processing of filling the second dropdown based on the first dropdown selection is called "Cascading Dropdown or Filtered Dropdown". Actually the data source I have used is XML file which contains the Country and State. In the source code this XML file is also given please check once you download the source code.

Cascading dropdown can be done in many ways out of which I have chosen this using jQuery. I have taken the common example of Country and States. I have taken two Composite types as "Country" and "State" which contains properties as ID, Name. I have given the structure also.

using Syst…