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Difference between the SCOPE_IDENTITY(),@@IDENTITY and IDENT_CURRENT in Sql Server

SCOPE_IDENTITY(),@@IDENTITY and IDENT_CURRENT('table_name') are the SQL SERVER Functions which will return the last inserted record Identity Value.

Normally in the development stage we need to get the last inserted row information using SQL Query.

Lets go in deep to understand the differences between these three functions.


@@IDENTITY will return the Identity value generated in a table irrespective of the scope.The main advantage lies here when we have a trigger on a table that causes anidentity to be created in another table,you will get the identity that was created last since it gets the identity regardless of the table.



SCOPE_IDENTITY() also returns the Identity Value generated in a table with in the same scope regardless of the table that produced the value.



It will returns the last Identity value produced in a table regardless of the connection that create…