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Set the Default Value to the Column Of a Table Programmaticaly

Normally we face this type of problem when we want to set the column default value pro-grammatically.

To Solve this problem we need to first get the table column information using this Query.


Here the table name may vary.

when we execute this Query we will get the each column information .So based on this we can Iterate the each column and get the each column Information as given below 

Private Sub Initialise_The_Table(ByVal ReqTab As String) On Error GoTo handle_error Dim eachTableAdapter As SqlDataAdapter Dim tableDataset As New DataSet Dim adoHelper As SQLHelper = SQLHelper.GetInstance eachTableAdapter = adoHelper.GetAdapter("SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS WHERE TABLE_NAME = '" + ReqTab + "'") eachTableAdapter.FillSchema(tableDataset, SchemaType.Source, ReqTab) eachTableAdapter.Fill(tableDataset, Req…